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Strategy and economy

Lahti - Bold environmental city.

Vision 2030

“An international university city solves the challenges of the future. In Lahti, we make bold choices to promote smooth everyday life, well-being and entrepreneurship.”

There are three operational commitments in the heart of the strategy:

  • We will grow as an entrepreneur-friendly city of study and create an attractive work and living environment that increases well-being.
  • We will develop our operations flexibly by experimenting.
  • We will promote the good everyday life of children and young people with our actions.


The budget is a plan for the City's operations and financial management. The budget confirms Lahti's operational goals, financial allocations and revenue estimates for carrying out the City's services and developing the operations. The budget also includes sections about investments, financing etc.  The budget is guided by the City Strategy. 

The mayor prepares a budget proposal by October, which is based on the boards' draft budgets and decisions by the City currently in force. The City Board processes the draft and makes its own suggestions to the Council. The City Council approves the economic plan for three years, the budget being the first year. 

Implementing the budget is monitored by the City on a monthly basis, and if necessary, changes based on the monitoring and projections are made. The financial year ends in a financial statement.