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Basic education

Basic education services carry out multi-professional well-being work for children and teenagers together with early childhood education and youth services. Social and Health Services is involved in implementing the procedures defined in the plan for children’s and teenagers’ well-being. Hearing families with children, children and teenagers in all services is promoted in various ways.

The goal of the English Classes of Lahti is to supply Finnish-speaking students with the ability to acquire a functional bilingual speaking ability. Special attention is directed towards the children acknowledging and understanding their own identity and culture as well as respecting other nations and cultures. The English classes of Lahti also assist foreign children with adapting and integrating into the Finnish society.

Basic education services are in charge of basic education as well as schoolchildren's morning, afternoon and club activities in Lahti. The central goal is to ensure that 98% of the teenagers who complete their basic education move on to secondary education.

On average, there are 10,300 students in the 25 comprehensive schools in Lahti, including the Swedish-language school, English-language classes, the special school and the hospital school.  There are 1,020 teachers and assistants in total. More information for the English Classes of Lahti - Tiirismaan peruskoulu.

Services of the future and community centres

Service structure planning for schools, day care centres and youth services is carried out in terms of population development, master planning, service needs, joint use of facilities and adaptability and across different fields of activity.

There is a school, a day care centre, a library, health care services for students and a service kitchen by Lahden ateria at the Jalo community centre in Jalkaranta and the Onni community centre in Liipola. The gymnasium is built to serve the local residents as well as the school and day care centre. Resident and hobby activities can be arranged in all of the shared facilities.