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Early childhood education

There are almost 8,300 pre-school children in Lahti. 4,500 of them are in day care or pre-school education, more than 800 in private day care with a private day care allowance and more than 2,100 at home with a home care allowance. The parents' choices determine the need for services.
Children playing.

Early childhood education services provide families with children with high-quality early childhood education at day care centres, family day care and clubs to meet families' needs. Pre-school education is provided by day care centres and schools. Day care clubs present an alternative to actual day care. In total, there are 34 day care centres owned by the City and also private day care centres.

The early childhood education operation culture exhibits the joy of playing, discoveries and learning as well as good interaction skills. Early childhood education is carried out in collaboration with carers. The path of a child's growth and learning starts from early childhood education and pre-school education. 

The early childhood education services carry out multi-professional well-being work for children and teenagers together with basic education and youth services. Social and Health Services is involved in implementing the procedures defined in the plan for children's and teenagers' well-being. Hearing families with children, children and teenagers in all services is promoted in various ways.