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Nature and environment

The environmental work of the City of Lahti aims to foster the well-being of nature and the environment. A healthy and safe natural environment improves the residents’ quality of life.

​​The City is responsible for legally obligating permit and monitoring duties related to environmental protection. Monitoring the condition of the environment from the soil to the surface and ground water and air quality as well as managing the water bodies and fishing activities are a significant part of these duties.

Environmental Counselling serves the residents of the municipality and promotes general environmental awareness.

The City maintains nature trails and develops natural management of the environment in co-operation with resident organisations and other municipalities.

City of Lahti has applied European Green Capital 2021 title. Application is open pages on the link box. Previous year Lahti had best evaluation at 5 of 12 categories.

More information

ymparisto at

Environmental Director (deputy) Elina Ojala

Head of Environmental Permits Tarja Laitinen

Head of Water and Nature Protection Ismo Malin