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City and master plans are used to organise the use and construction of areas of the city. The goal is to ensure socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development and conditions for a good living environment.

In Lahti, about 60 city plan projects are pending every year. Proposals for city plans or changes to them are instituted by the City or private parties. A change to the city plan can be applied for with a plan application. In addition to city planning, a constantly updated master plan and component master plans are being drawn up in Lahti. These are used to guide the general plans for land use.

Familiarise yourself with planning and take part

The annually published planning review presents pending plan work areas. The easiest way to see how the work on the planned areas is progressing is to visit the "plan areas" page. You can take part in the planning in its different phases: e.g. by commenting on current plans, i.e. plan drafts or displayed plan proposals.

City plans in effect and their regulations can be found through the City of Lahti map service, as well as building practice instructions.