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Rules and Conditions

Please read the rules and conditions carefully before participating.

The Lahti TalentHub idea contest is organised by the Lahti TalentHub project. The planning and implementation of the contest have been done in cooperation with international degree students at LAB University of Applied Sciences. The contest is organised with the support of the European Social Fund (ESF).

By participating, you accept the rules and conditions stated below.

1. Contest

Lahti TalentHub supports the employment of international talents in the Lahti region and develops service models to promote and facilitate their recruitment. The aim of the contest is to find ideas and solutions to increase the connectivity between employers and international talents in the Lahti region.

What kind of services, concepts or practices would foster the connectivity between international jobseekers and employers in the Lahti region? Ideas can be, for example, concrete service models, digital or physical platforms for networking, event or training concepts or other implementations that create interaction and opportunities between employers and international jobseekers.

We hope that the ideas are concrete and feasible. The idea proposal must be a written description of the idea.

2. Contest schedule and submitting the idea proposal

The online form for receiving ideas opens on Tuesday, 19 April 2022 at 13.00, and closes on Friday, 13 May 2022 at 23.59. You can enter the contest by submitting a written idea proposal via this online form.

The written idea proposal should not exceed 4000 characters. There is no minimum number of characters required. However, the written proposal should describe the idea clearly.

To be able to reach the winners, contact information must be provided upon submitting the idea proposal.

The screening of the idea proposals as well as the selection and announcement of winners will take place during weeks 20–22.

3. Utilisation of ideas proposed in the competition

Lahti TalentHub Idea Contest collects idea proposals to benefit common good. By entering the contest, you accept that your idea can be used and developed by anyone without compensation. By submitting your idea proposal, you also accept that Lahti TalentHub can publish the ideas, utilise them in the development work (future projects, service development, etc.), report them to the project funder and, if possible, start preparations for implementing the idea(s). However, submitting an idea does not obligate the organiser to implement the idea(s).

If the idea(s) is to be implemented, the submitter of the proposal will be credited as the original inventor.

4. Eligibility

Any individual living in Finland can submit their idea proposal. There is no age limit for participants.

One participant can submit several idea proposals. Several proposals can be submitted in one online form or alternatively, each idea proposal can be submitted separately.

The competition ideas must be submitted by Friday, 13 May 2022 at 23.59 via this online form. Idea proposals that miss the deadline cannot be accepted in the contest.

The organiser is not responsible for proposals that get lost due to IT reasons.

The participant must leave their contact information when submitting the idea proposal.

The idea proposal must not be a direct copy of any existing concept or service model. If the idea is inspired by any existing concept or service model or the idea is related to the utilization of a certain service provider, please mention it in the proposal.

If additional information is needed to ensure eligibility, the organiser will contact the participant.

5. Area and language

The idea proposals must be connected to the solutions and services needed in the Lahti region. However, the idea may be scalable elsewhere.

Idea proposals can be submitted in Finnish or English.

The contest is held in Finland and is subject to Finnish legislation.

6. Evaluation criteria

The idea proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The idea promotes, in one way or another, the encounter and interaction between international talents and local employers
  • The idea supports Lahti TalentHub’s mission and objectives
  • The idea serves Lahti TalentHub’s target groups (employers and international talents in the Lahti region)
  • The idea is interesting or innovative

7. Selection of winning ideas and their publication

A jury formed by Lahti TalentHub personnel and international degree students at LAB University of Applied Sciences will review the idea proposals from 16 May 2022 onward and evaluate them on the basis of pre-established criteria. The jury will award the top three ideas. The winners will be selected and ideas announced during weeks 20–22.

The organiser reserves the right to present both the winning ideas and other idea proposals on Lahti TalentHub’s social media channels and website. Any personal data of participants will not be disclosed without consent.

The jury has the right not to select the top three ideas if the criteria are not met, the idea proposals are too similar or the number of ideas received is too low.

8. Prize distribution

The contest prizes are gift cards funded by the Lahti TalentHub project. Gift cards are awarded to the top three ideas selected by the jury. The best idea receives the most valuable prize, the second-best idea the second most valuable prize, and so on.

Gift cards will be delivered to the winners during weeks 21–23, either in person in Lahti city centre, by post or by e-mail. The organiser of the competition is not responsible if the gift cards get lost or destroyed during (post and e-mail) or after delivery.

The prizes are awarded for the brainstorming and the idea, not for the implementation of the idea.

If the organiser is unable to reach the winner by May 31, 2022, the organiser reserves the right to select or draw a new recipient for the prize.

If the idea proposals do not meet the criteria or the proposals are too similar, the organiser reserves the right to draw prizes among all contest participants. If the number of idea proposals received is too low, the prizes can be used in other future campaigns.

9. Disqualification or withdrawal

The organiser has the right to disqualify a participant who violates the rules and conditions of the contest or Finnish legislation. Information about the disqualification will be sent to the participant by e-mail.

The participant has the right to withdraw from the contest by written notice on May 16, 2022, by 23.59. If you want to withdraw from the contest, please send an e-mail to The idea proposal of a participant who withdraws from the contest will be removed from the evaluation process and will not be archived or reported for later use.

10. Personal data collection

The online form collects personal information primarily for the selection of winners. In addition, a list of contest participants may be provided to the funder of the Lahti TalentHub project in connection with project reporting. The data is stored for a maximum of two years and will not be used for any other purpose. You can read our privacy statement at (in Finnish).

11. Changes in rules and conditions

The organiser reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of the contest by announcing the changes on the contest info page: Lahti TalentHub Idea Contest.

For more information: