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Viiskulma Art Competition

The Viiskulma art competition was a national and international open call. The selected work aims to connect the future art museum to the city center through art and to guide the walker towards the museum to be completed along Päijänteenkatu.

Open art competitions allow both new and experienced authors to propose works anonymously, in which case award decisions are made based on work proposals.

The importance of Viiskulma in Lahti will be emphasized shortly. The Taideakseli of Rautatienkatu and the new future museum serve as a unifying factor. The intersection of five streets has so far been developed into a car-free square with temporary measures, and now we want to create a permanent identity for it, Viiskulma Square, with the help of art.

A total of 60 work proposals were received. At its first meeting, the Competition Committee now went through all the work proposals and was pleased with the amount of interest and creative proposals. The jury will evaluate the proposals based on their artistic quality and suitability for the environment.

All work proposals will be presented in an exhibition to be opened in Lahti-Piste in October. The prize-winning works and the competition minutes will be published on October 13, 2020. Authors of award-winning works will receive information before mid-September. The work, which will be completed in the spring of 2021, already has an eagerly awaited audience.

The City of Lahti organises an open single-stage art competition between 1 April and 14 August 2020. The competition invites proposals for artworks for Lahti’s Viiskulma Square – the area demarcated by Vesijärvenkatu, Kirkkokatu and Päijänteenkatu.

The City of Lahti is inviting proposals for works for the Viiskulma Square, which will serve as a central gateway to the new Lahti Art, Poster and Design Museum LAD, which opens in the end of 2021. The museum is going to be housed in the Mallasjuoma brewery’s old factory site on Päijänteenkatu and in the new building to be constructed adjacent to it.

The proposed works must establish a unique identity for the square, attract interest in the new museum and guide visitors to it. The objective is to create an inviting and lush art square as part of the Lahti art axis, which starts at Matkakeskus and follows Rautatienkatu.

In 2021, Lahti will be the European Green Capital, which is why the proposed work must take environmental considerations into account.

Competition schedule

The competition period was 1.4.-14.8.2020. The competition is settled by Friday, September 18, 2020. The results will be announced at the award ceremony on October 13, 2020 at 18:30, which will also open an exhibition of competition proposals.


If a number of proposals corresponding to the number of prizes are submitted within the competition period, the following prizes will be awarded:

I prize EUR 6,000

II prize EUR 4,000

III prize EUR 2,000

The judging committee has the right to distribute the amount reserved for the prizes differently, as long as the total prize amount remains the same.

Questions related to the competition

The competition secretary, art coordinator Anu Miettinen will provide more information on the practicalities of the competition. Contact details, +358 44 482 6490. Further questions on the competition proposals can be addressed to the mediator by sending an e-mail to or by calling +358 50 434 4280.

Questions can be submitted during two periods.

Period I: 11 May – 5 June 2020, questions will be answered by 18 June.

Period 1 answers, 16.6.2020

Period II: 20 July – 31 July 2020, questions will be answered during the week beginning on 3 August.

Period 2 answers, 3.8.2020

After the question period has ended, the questions will be answered on this website within two weeks.

Judging committee

The judging committee is formed by

  • Päivi Airas, Planning Architect, Lahti City, Urban Planning
  • Elisa Lindell, Regional Art Museum Researcher, Lahti City Museum
  • Paula Korte, Curator, Lahti City Museum
  • Elina Ojala, Environmental Director, City of Lahti, Environmental Development
  • Tanja Keskitalo, Producer, Malski, Kinos Property
  • The Artists’ Association of Finland has appointed the following professional artists as members of the committee
  • Merja Puustinen, visual artist
  • Anni Laakso, sculptor
  • The secretary of the committee is art coordinator Anu Miettinen.


The judging committee evaluates the entries on the basis of their artistic quality and capacity to create experiences. The assessment draws attention to the kind of physical place the work creates, how it is placed in its surroundings, how it speaks to the people passing by and how it directs them towards the new museum. The assessment also considers how the work accounts for environmental aspects and people moving around in the area (walking, cycling, emergency access road).

The judging committee also assesses the feasibility, safety and maintenance costs of the work.

More information related to the competition, added on 31.7.2020

By participating in the competition, I agree the registration of my personal data in the register of the Viiskulma Art Competition.

An exhibition of the proposals of the Lahti Viiskulma Art Competition will be held in the autumn, October-November 2020, we will announce the exhibition in more detail in September.

The competition proposals can be picked up from Lahti-Piste during its opening hours between 10.12.2020-31.01.2021 or the competitor can send instructions on how to return the proposals by e-mail to the competition secretary, art coordinator Anu Miettinen by 31.12.2020. The competitor pays the postage for the submitted proposals. Proposals not collected after 31.01.2020 will be destroyed in accordance with the competition rules.