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Lahti as an environmental city

Lahti is an internationally developing environmental city. The city’s special strength lies in long-term resident activities, versatile environmental research in the area and businesses that develop clean technology solutions.

The strategy of the City of Lahti aims to make Lahti an internationally known environmental city that significantly reduces its greenhouse gas emissions, protects nature, water bodies and ground water areas in the ever denser city and increases the residents' and businesses' opportunities for participating in developing the city. In the coming years, Lahti will focus especially on implementing new circular economy solutions.

Developing Lahti into an environmental city began in the 1980s with the restoration work on Lake Vesijärvi. The lake had become severely eutrophic due to household and industrial waste water. The multi-phase restoration work of Vesijärvi also brought the University of Helsinki's environmental research to Lahti in the mid-1990s. Today, the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, the University of Helsinki and the Lappeenranta University of Technology provide their extensive environmental education and research, which also form a basis for new products and services that protect the environment. There are several businesses in the Lahti region that specialise in renewable energy production, such as Oilon, Nocart and One1, as well as businesses providing energy-efficiency solutions such as Wasenco. Päijät-Hämeen jätehuolto, the waste management company owned by the municipalities, is an internationally known pioneer in the waste management sector.

The environmental city provides its residents with opportunities for participation

As a resident, you can participate in implementing our vision of an environmental city by sorting your waste, recycling items, travelling on foot, by bike or public transport, saving energy and replacing your electric and oil-based household heating system with district heating or geothermal heating. Be sure to look into the many possibilities of saving natural resources on the website of our "Tonni lähti" ("Lost a Tonne") challenge! Environmental education can be seen in the everyday activities of the schools and day care centres in Lahti. The active teachers and early childhood educators utilise the local forests in their teaching, sort their waste and reinforce children's and teenagers' relationship with nature and growth into environmentally conscious citizens.

As a business, you can join the climate challenge campaign of the City as well as the Cleantech network. Lahti Region Development LADEC provides your business with expert service!