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Circular economy creates new jobs in Lahti

Natural resources are being consumed globally at an unsustainable rate. The Earth Overshoot Day, the time calculated by environmental organisations by which annual renewable resources are depleted, becomes earlier every year. There is a great need for new, more sustainable solutions.

​Recycling in Lahti is among the best in the world. Up to 95% of the region's municipal waste is utilised for energy and materials, and only about 5% is disposed of in a landfill. The Kymijärvi 2 power plant of the Lahti Energia power company gasifies energy waste collected in the area and produces electricity and heating for local households. The Labio biogas plant operating in Kujala is Finland's largest biogas production facility.

In developing the waste management services, the emphasis is on preventing the creation of waste and re-utilising items and materials. Many new opportunities can be seen in the Lahti region in the circular economy sector, such as land mass utilisation, utilising biogas for transport, industrial symbioses, i.e. implementing recycling solutions between businesses, and sharing economy.

About one fifth of the Lahti region businesses operating in environmental technology produce solutions related to waste management. These recycling businesses employ more than 1,000 people. Recycling also plays a major role when creating new job opportunities. Lahti, also known for its design know-how, provides a uniquely interesting platform for testing and developing operation models that are more sensible in terms of consuming natural resources.