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Ancillary services for events

There are various accommodation options in Lahti, ranging from private accommodation to high-quality hotel accommodation. Two options worth mentioning are the best City hotel in Europe and the most luxurious mansion in Finland.

There are 700 rooms and 1,370 beds for accommodation use in the urban area of Lahti and 1,150 rooms and 3,700 beds within a 30-minute drive. Additionally, it is possible to utilise school and private accommodation for large events. If necessary, accommodation can also be arranged outside the Lahti area.


When an event organiser needs transport services, we can help them find the most suitable transport company for the needs of the event, chart the parking needs, help with arranging shuttle transports and other transport-related matters. 

Sign-up services

If necessary, a specialised sign-up service can be tailored for the event.

Ticket sales

We will help you find the best possible ticket sales option for the event and provide assistance with all related technical matters.

Guide services

Guides in the Lahti region provide guidance services. The guides have prepared many interesting theme tours for groups. The guides can also tailor the contents of the tours, preferably together with the customer.

Attaché services

Lahden Attaseakerho (Lahti Attaché Club) is probably the only association of multilingual team assistants operating especially at sporting events and certainly one of the oldest ones in the world. The attaché work combines guidance, interpreting and occasionally carer duties. The Attaché Club is involved in many sports competitions organised in Finland. Even though the attachés are volunteers, they are committed to carrying out their tasks as agreed.

Voluntary workers

Thanks to its long history of winter events, Lahti has a great tradition of voluntary work. If an event needs voluntary workers, we will be glad to help the event in seeking the most suitable group of volunteers.

Doers. NOW. Event know-how from Lahti

It is our hope that event organisers utilise local know-how in Lahti as much as possible, and for that purpose, information about local experts has been collected in one place.  The website is a sub-contracting registry for creative operators and event professionals. There is a wide variety of events organised in the region, and there is versatile and professional know-how among the local operators covering all the phases from planning to implementation.

More information about the ancillary services: