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Event marketing

Lahti provides many different exposure options for events ranging from traditional to modern, and many of them are available free of charge.

​Event calendars is a free event calendar into which event organisers can enter information about their own events complete with images. The information is displayed both electronically and in highlights by the local main newspaper.

The event unit also maintains an event calendar related specifically to planning. It provides proactive information to businesses, authorities and tourists in the area. Be sure to enter your event!

 Visit Lahti – Lahti Region Ltd

The Lahti Region tourist info is located in the Trio Shopping Centre. It is also possible to arrange event promotion in the Shopping Centre square in co-operation with Info and Trio. Trio also features two electronic screens that can be utilised for marketing free of charge.

Additionally, event organisers can obtain visibility free of charge on the website, in the Lahti Guide brochures and through electronic newsletters.

Through Visit Lahti, it is possible to reserve advertising space on the 3 roadside boards along the entry routes. The advertising space can be used free of charge, but the event organiser is responsible for designing, manufacturing, installing and removing the advertisement. A board can be reserved for 2 weeks before the event. Finished materials and material-related questions:

Other marketing and communications

Lahti provides opportunities for a variety of outdoor advertising. There are poster and banner spaces for hire, pennant spots, large boards and electronic solutions. The advertising spaces are being renewed, so event organisers can determine the most suitable communication and marketing channels together with the services.

Additionally, special communications and marketing events can be arranged for events. There are also several local newspapers, two local radio stations, a student campus radio and representatives for national commercial TV channels in Lahti. We will also be glad to help you achieve national exposure.

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