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Active residents participate in the planning of a green city

Lahti is a city where the whole urban community is engaged in and influences the city's development.
Lahti-people working on urban garden.

​Public meetings and questionnaire-based surveys are organised to enable residents to have their say. In addition, the city has launched a new mobile application, Porukka, to offer a channel for co-operation and communication with residents. With the Porukka-app Lahti wants to inspire its residents to think about what type of city they want to live in. Porukka has been actively used e.g. for the strategy, master plan and environmental issues. The application has more than 2,400 users, who have submitted in excess of 173,000 comments to date.

Continuous city planning points the way

Lahti's land-use planning model is innovative and also is unique at the national level. Continuous city-planning processes enable rapid planning on the level of the city, allowing the planning department to respond to any emerging challenges without delay.

Everyday environmental awareness for the next generation

Environmental education can be seen in the everyday activities of all the schools and day care centres in Lahti. The active teachers and early childhood educators utilise the local forests in their teaching, sort their waste and reinforce children's and teenagers' relationship with nature and growth into environmentally conscious citizens.