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Pioneer in waste management

Recycling in Lahti is among the best in the world. More than 90% of waste generated in the city is utilised in the production of energy and new materials. Waste management has generated numerous business activities in the region.
Tarpaper being recycled for asphalt.

​Lahti region has been pioneering the waste management in Finland due to a strong strategic choice to provide an efficient waste sorting system for households and industries. Waste sorting provides a basis for the material utilization of different resources. In developing the waste management services, the emphasis is on preventing the creation of waste and re-utilising items and materials. Lahti, also known for its design know-how, provides a uniquely interesting platform for testing and developing operation models that are more sensible in terms of consuming natural resources.

Circular economy creates green jobs

Many new opportunities can be seen in the Lahti region in circular economy and cleantech, and they are the key focus areas of Lahti region business strategy. The long-term work and expertise in the waste management sector and resource-use efficiency bring today new potential for businesses that utilize different side streams into their manufacturing processes. In addition, initiatives such as Cleantech Venture Day, the largest cleantech-industry investor event in the Nordic region, make Lahti an attractive cleantech business environment. Out of the 63,000 jobs in the urban region of Lahti, cleantech companies today provide 5,000.