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4/28/2017 12:00 AM

A hundred excursions around the Lahti region

To celebrate Finland's centenary this year, the City of Lahti and local nature-related associations will organise one hundred nature excursions.
Linnaistensuo swamp.

Bird-watching excursions, excursions for families with small children to nearby nature sites, and nature management excursions to control the spread of non-native species will be organised. For further details, please visit (in Finnish).

A city half covered by nature

The City of Lahti is surrounded by a green zone that runs through the Salpausselkä ridge, Porvoonjoki river and wooded areas to the city centre. Half of the city area consists of a natural environment.

Thanks to its diverse geological history and biotopes, the Lahti region provides a home for many rare and protected species, such as the capercaillie, black woodpecker, otter and flying squirrel. Some of these can even be found in the urban area.

Resources for nature preservation

More attention has been paid to and resources directed at nature preservation activities in the region in recent years. Two key biodiversity areas, Pesäkallio and Linnaistensuo, are included in the Natura 2000 network; the purpose of these is to secure habitats for nature types and species specified in the EU’s nature directive.

Linnaistensuo is an example of a raised bog environment, which is particularly important to the capercaillie. Several rare moths have also been found in the area, such as the Light Brocade, Freyja's Fritillary and Streaked Wave.

Other protection areas include Viuha, Lapakisto, Enonsaari and Ritamäki. The Lapakisto area, in particular, has become a popular excursion destination, thanks to the decision to protect it and to build good hiking routes.

In addition, the City of Lahti has protected over 1,800 acres of other territories, such as valuable meadows, old forests, springs, rivers and ponds.

Urban nature, including numerous street-side trees and city-centre green zones, provides a passageway for many a species. Parks and trees also play an important and acknowledged role in the well-being of city-dwellers.

Further information:

Saara Vauramo, Environmental Director, tel. +358 44 716 1585
Asko Riihelä, Nature Preservation Supervisor, tel. +358 50 559 4053