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8/22/2016 8:00 AM

A new ticket sales point for the Waltti travel card

The sales network of the Waltti travel card has expanded to include the Torikatu R-Kiosk as of 15 August.

You can purchase a new Waltti travel card or top up to extend the validity or load value on your existing card at the Torikatu R-Kiosk.

Other sales points are the Lahti-Piste service point (in the lobby of the Central Library), Lehtimäki Liikenne’s office in Nastola, and the Matkahuolto agency in Heinola.
In addition, the Waltti travel card is available for purchase at LSL’s temporary sales point at Vesijärvenkatu 11 C until 6 September.

Loading points for Waltti

In addition to the sales points, Waltti travel cards can be topped up at the R-Kiosks on Torikatu, at the Lahti railway station and in the Trio shopping centre in Lahti, as well as on Keskuskatu in Hollola, at Erkontie 16 in Orimattila, and at Heinola Market Square.

Service fees charged when purchasing or topping up the card vary. For detailed information about sales points and provisions, visit the LSL website (in Finnish).
To buy or top up your Waltti travel card at the lowest price, go to the web shop.

Switch to using the Waltti travel card by the end of August

It is recommended to obtain a Waltti card by the end of August, as the old travel cards in Lahti expire on 31 August. There will be no refunds available for old cards or remaining credit.

The Waltti card is a valid form of payment on LSL buses. Tickets from Matkahuolto will remain valid.