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9/27/2018 8:15 AM

A smart bicycle highway will improve cycling conditions in Lahti

As part of the CitiCAP project, a 2.5 km long bicycle highway will be built in Lahti.
Box bike

​The purpose of the bike path is to enable smooth and safe cycling all year-round. The cycle path will be separated from both pedestrians and cars in order to create a clear hierarchy between different travel modes.

The bike path will be experimenting with various smart solutions that improve the cycling experience. Furthermore we aim at using recycled and / or recyclable materials in the construction of the highway.   

1.6 million euros has been earmarked for this section of the UIA-CitiCAP project and the construction will start in the first half of 2019.

User-oriented design

A more convenient and attractive bicycle path leading to the Southern part of Lahti supports the CitiCAP project's goal of involving residents in climate change mitigation. What is more, Lahti creates an example of a high-quality cycling infrastructure and strengthens the expertise on user-driven planning. So far the residents have been involved in the planning through workshops.

The CitiCAP highway is part of a cycling network plan that has been drafted as part of the city’s master planning work, consisting of about 40 km of main routes and district routes. The main routes will in the future provide fast lanes for the cyclists heading from residential areas to the city center.

Innovation Contest

The CitiCAP project organized an innovation competition that sought after solutions that would bring added value to cyclists or provide innovative methods or materials for the construction.

Ten high-level proposals were received from four countries: UK, Japan, Estonia and Finland. The solutions were related to traffic control, maintenance, lighting and bike parking.

The jury of the competition gathered recently and decided to continue discussions on piloting with proposals related to smart bike parking, smart lighting and the use of recycled material, fly ash, in the construction of the bike path.

CitiCAP Project Manager Anna Huttunen, p. 044 482 6176
Traffic Engineer, City of Lahti, Kristiina Kartimo, p. 050 559 4100