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2/1/2017 10:04 AM

An environmental art project supports Lahti’s bid to become the European Green Capital

Artist Tiina Lahti toured local schools and day care centres to hold workshops where children can express their views on the environment by means of art. The children’s works of art will be utilised, for example, in communications on the competition.
Artist Tiina Lahti.

​Art workshops were arranged at Kanerva, Kytölä and Villähde day care centres and Kivimaa and Kivijärvi schools. According to Pirjo Tenhu, the headmaster of Kivijärvi School and a teacher of Year 3 and 4 pupils, an environmental art project fits in well with the themes of the new national curriculum.

‘Having a professional artist run the workshops offers the children a fresh perspective to creating art,’ explains Tenhu.

Environmental education is part of a diverse learning and activity programme in place in Lahti’s schools and day care centres. The facilities have appointed environmental contact people who provide information and also promote environmental education via other means. Sustainable development teams have been set up to assist the environmental contact people in their work.

Herrasmanni, Humpula, Kanerva and Kytölä day care centres and Kivimaa School are involved in the Green Flag scheme, which is an international sustainable development programme for day care facilities, schools and educational institutions.

The European Green Capital Award application

The European Green Capital Award is an initiative launched by the European Commission. The goal for this annual competition is to reward a deserving European city for its work to promote sustainable environment-related practices. The winner of the next European Green Capital Award will be chosen in June. Previous holders of the title include Stockholm, Hamburg and Ljubljana.

Lahti City Board will visit Brussels next week. In connection with the visit, the City of Lahti will hold a seminar in Brussels introducing topics related to Lahti’s intelligent and sustainable city planning and circular economy to its stakeholders. The event is related to the city’s European Green Capital Award application.​