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3/17/2017 10:45 AM

Citizens to participate in drawing up urban transport programme and city plan

As one of the first cities in Finland, Lahti is drafting a sustainable urban transport programme in cooperation with a broad base of stakeholders and citizens.
City planning game.

​The preparation of the urban transport programme is closely linked to the city's on-going city plan strategy processes. These three themes constitute a joint process to which citizens are invited to contribute in 2017. The title of the process is Lahden suunta (Lahti's Direction).

Drawing up urban transport programmes in dialogue with stakeholders is recommended by the EU (SUMP, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan). The programme takes all forms of mobility into consideration.

The City of Lahti plan is the focus of national attention

The City of Lahti has developed a continuous city planning method, which has drawn attention at the national level. In January, the Finnish Society of Urban Planning gave an award to Lahti's city planners for their exemplary work in advancing Finnish urban planning.

The continuous city planning process operates in cycles of four years, which means that the city plan is reviewed during each council term. This year marked the beginning of a new four-year period (2017–2020) in city planning. The period is the first in which the plan will also cover the area of Nastola. The theme of the current round of city planning is to identify areas suitable for the businesses of the future.

"The development of the recycling industry requires preparations at the regional level, and we are currently reserving areas for industry in cooperation with our neighbouring municipalities. Preparing for population growth also entails finding the optimal locations for future day care and school buildings in cooperation with specialists from various fields", says City Planning Architect Johanna Palomäki.

Experiences of citizens on the map

Lately, the collection and planning use of experiential geographic data has been a particular focus of development in the City of Lahti. Citizen surveys are increasingly implemented as map surveys, which compile the residents' opinions of their immediate environment and its development into the same geographic data system with all other base data used in planning.

"In this way, the tacit knowledge held by residents can be made visible and is able to contribute to planning decisions", Palomäki says.

Through map surveys, citizens have participated in the development of areas such as the Rakokivi business centre and Sopenkorpi industrial area. In the Kotiseutuni Nastola (Nastola, My Home) survey, residents were asked to identify valuable properties and participate in Nastola's cultural environment survey.

For additional information, please contact:

City Planning Architect Johanna Palomäki
johanna.palomaki(at), tel. +358 50 518 4445

Transport Engineer Kristiina Kartimo (SUMP)
kristiina.kartimo(at), tel. +358 50 559 4100