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5/29/2019 8:30 AM

City of Lahti to expand urban meadows and their recreational use

The City of Lahti launches a development project aimed at expanding its network of urban meadows and their recreational use as part of the city’s green spaces.
Urban meadow

The project will compile a comprehensive report of the city's urban meadows with spatial data analysis, feedback from residents and terrain surveys. The plan will take into account all aspects of sustainable development, including social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Meadows as an essential part of urban cultural environment

"Meadows and fields are an essential part of urban cultural environment in Lahti and the city's network of green spaces. In addition to their scenic and culture-historical importance, meadows have significant natural value," says Anna-Maaria Särkkä, Head of Forestry.

Increasing the number of urban meadows protects biodiversity and preserves the landscape's cultural values. Meadows are also used to manage drainage water in the urban environment. Developing monocultural grassland spaces into multi-species, natural meadows will improve the resource efficiency of landscape maintenance.

Urban meadows are home to a diverse range of animals and plants

Meadows are open or semi-open habitats vegetated by hay and grass and managed by mowing or grazing. According to the 2019 threat assessment of Finnish species, the reforestation of open habitats is the primary cause for the endangerment or extinction of many species.

As background data for developing the network of meadows, the project will hear the experiences and development ideas of residents. The development project will be completed in December 2019. The plan will be drafted by Ramboll Finland Oy.

The City of Lahti will use the findings of the project to develop green spaces for the next ten-year period, after which the report will be updated. The process of transforming habitats to their planned state will take several years. The views of local residents will be heard as work progresses on each of the areas.

Further information

Head of Forestry Anna-Maaria Särkkä, tel. +358 50 559 4183, anna-maaria.sarkka(at)