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6/15/2017 11:00 AM

Competition to save the environment continues at Lahden Talot

Lahden Talot is encouraging residents to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from housing, with the MiniMoi! competition launched at the beginning of June, which seeks to change their consumption habits.
Sorting out waste.

Residents compete on which rented house makes the biggest reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over a 12-month period. The competition will compare the carbon dioxide emission figures (CO2 figures) of properties, calculated by multiplying the amount of energy consumed by the energy emission factor.

The MiniMoi! competition is being organised by the environmental committee of Lahden Talot residents, in cooperation with the rental housing company. Consumption of water, heating energy and electricity in the property, and waste management are being monitored. It is estimated that heating, i.e. domestic hot water and home heating have the highest potential for savings.

At Lahden Talot, the highest property-specific CO2-index for 2016 is 11.9 kg per building cubic metre and the lowest 1.2 kg. The standardised, or temperature corrected, index for all properties of the Lahden Talot group is 9.1. This figure does not include the share of waste management.

According to an estimate by Janne Salonen, a building technology specialist at Lahden Talot, a realistic goal for the MiniMoi! competition would be a five per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for Lahden Talot.

Water saved and sorting enhanced in the past

Competitions to save the environment began at Lahden Talot in 2007, with a biowaste sorting contest. In 2012–2013, the residents competed at reducing water consumption, and a three-year competition for reducing the amount of mixed waste concluded at the end of May this year.

Average sorting efficiency scores improved by 20 per cent. The aim is to continue reducing the amount of mixed waste through the MiniMoi! competition. Let's hope that residents continue sorting more efficiently! As well as lowering energy consumption, this will save the environment and reduce housing costs.

For additional information, please contact:                   

Tuukka Mettälä, property inspector, Lahden Talot, tel. +358 3 851 5743