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10/14/2019 9:35 AM

Gitex Smart Mobility Award 2019 goes to Moprim and City of Lahti

Moprim and City of Lahti have won the first Gitex Technology Week Smart Mobility award. The award was granted to CitiCAP project, the world's first personal traffic emissions trading scheme.
CitiCAP app

​One key result of the project is that Personal Carbon Footprint from mobility activities became measurable and quantifiable thus residents' mobility behaviour can be addressed with various motivational schemes. Mobility behaviour data is provided by MOPRIM's technology, that creates and insights covering all modes of transport with the help of proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms.

The award was received by Mr. Bela Batizi-Pocsi, Business Development and Sales Manager of Moprim, at the annual Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. Gitex is the biggest technology exhibition in Middle-East with over 100.000 yearly visitors, from over 140 countries, and over 5000 exhibitors.