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2/5/2018 4:10 PM

Lahden Talot reduced its CO2 emissions by 77 tonnes in six months

Lahden Talot Oy, a city-owned housing company, offers greener rental housing. The results of the new MiniMoi! competition, which activates residents’ environmental awareness, have been encouraging.
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​During the first six months, the CO2emissions decreased by 77 tonnes in 96 properties, i.e. by 3.1 per cent as compared with the corresponding period in the previous year. According to facility manager Matti Koskinen, the residents of Lahden Talot have actively been participating in voluntary environmental efforts for several years.

"In the projects, we have focused on the aspects that the residents can influence. The aim is to make a permanent change in their consumption and utilisation habits." The start of the competition has been encouraging and shows that the residents of Lahden Talot consider environmental matters as increasingly important.

The figures used in the comparisons are calculated on the basis of the carbon dioxide emissions of heating and hot domestic water, the energy needed for electricity production, and waste management. The competition will last 12 months. The competition was organised by the environmental committee, which operates under Lahden Talot and the residents' board.

"Most carbon dioxide emissions are generated by heating. Therefore, excessive heat should be reduced by lowering radiator thermostat settings, not through ventilation. Another way is to pay more attention to water use, because when you do so, you will also cut down your consumption of domestic hot water without even noticing it," Koskinen advises.

Residents have been motivated by listing the various environmental impacts available, and residents succeeding in the competition will qualify for vouchers, for example, as in the earlier competitions. Another fairly important aspect is that environmentally conscious actions also result in economic impacts, as they will reduce the pressure to increase rent in the future.

Systematic, long-term environmental work

With the MiniMoi! competition, Lahden Talot continues its systematic environmental work with its residents. The three-year Luukuta Oikein sorting competition ended in May. The weekly amount of mixed waste decreased from 30 to 23.6 litres per resident.

The parent company of Lahden Talot is Lahden Talot Oy, which is fully owned by the City of Lahti.

For additional information, please contact:
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