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3/21/2018 12:50 PM

Lahti actively monitors its noise levels

The City of Lahti has published new daytime and night-time noise maps and an assessment report on the health effects of noise. The new information is utilised in the development of the city’s noise prevention policy.

​The maps and reports are publicly available and different maps and geographic data are available to all personnel. The mapping has been carried out computationally, but it shows the significant benefits of noise barriers next to railway lines, for example.

The number of residents exposed to road traffic and industrial noise has been cut in half

Based on national key figures, 9% of Lahti's residents are exposed to daytime noise levels of over 55 dB caused by traffic on main roads and streets and about 0.8% are exposed to daytime rail traffic noise levels of over 55 dB. Exposure to industrial noise is low.

According to the new noise maps, the number of Lahti residents exposed to road traffic and industrial noise has been cut in half. This is partly due to changes in the methods used to determine exposure. Comparison with previous results is made more difficult by changes in calculation methods. There is also considerably more roadway (116 km) and main line railway (34 km) included in the calculations in the united Lahti and Nastola area. The combined length of streets included in the calculation was 70 km.

Lahti has a multi-professional noise prevention group

The noise prevention working group has representatives from the environment, land use, construction supervision and municipal engineering units. According to the valid operational programme, noise prevention focuses on: 

  • protecting residents living in high noise areas
  • protecting areas with a high number of residents
  • lowering noise levels around schools and daycare centres
  • maintaining relatively quiet areas.

A new noise prevention plan will be prepared in 2018

Noise barriers are proposed to be included annually in Lahti's construction plan, in accordance with the operational plan. The results of the new survey will be used in the preparation of the city's new noise prevention plan in 2018. Based on the results, it can be concluded that even noise below the reference values should be taken into account when planning residential areas.

Highway 12, the construction of which is currently under way, will reduce road noise in the centre of the city, because it should reduce traffic volumes and speed limits can be lowered. Highway 12 will largely be built in tunnels and trenches. In other portions of the highway noise will be reduced with noise barriers.

Daytime noise level map

Night-time noise level map

Further information:

City of Lahti
Head of Environmental Permits Tarja Laitinen, tel. +358 50 559 4052
Environmental Auditor Johanna Saarola, tel. +358 50 559 4085

Ramboll Finland
Group Manager Jari Hosiokangas, tel. +358 40 584 4284