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11/29/2019 3:15 PM

Lahti and St. Petersburg sign an agreement for environmental cooperation

The City of Lahti and the Environment Committee of the City of St. Petersburg have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the promotion of environmental issues on Friday 22 November.
Lahti from air

​Both cities are committed to promoting, among other things, Lahti European Green Capital 2021 events and cooperation projects, water protection measures for the protection of the Baltic Sea in urban areas, cooperation related to environmental projects and expert cooperation, especially as regards the circular economy, environmental education and air quality.

The cooperation between the cities of St. Petersburg and Lahti will strengthen the sustainable development of both cities and the utilisation of the best solutions for environmental protection. The goals of the cooperation agreement include long-term benefits as well as increasing the opportunities of the region's higher education and business sectors for cross-border cooperation. The City of Lahti has been cooperating with the Environment Committee of St. Petersburg since the 1990s in environmental education and water protection.

The agreement was signed by Mika Kemppainen, Director of Building and Environmental Control of the City of Lahti, and Denis Sergejevits Beljaev, Chairman of the Committee for Use of Natural Resources, Environment Protection, and Environmental Safety of the City of St. Petersburg.

Lahti European Green Capital 2021

Every year, the European Commission awards the title of European Green Capital to one European city for merits in pioneering environmental actions, setting an example for other cities and developing innovative solutions to environmental challenges. The City of Lahti is working on a comprehensive regional and international programme featuring both events and various cooperation projects for its European Green Capital year.

Further information:
Mayor Pekka Timonen, +358 (0)50 337 4386