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5/22/2018 5:50 PM

Lahti boosts its green city brand with a new campaign website and video

​The City of Lahti has launched a new campaign website,, along with the video 'Lahti - The Environmental City of Europe'. Both the website and the video showcase future makers and environmental actions from Lahti.

Approximately one-and-a-half minutes in length, the video features, e.g. Mari Pantsar, Director at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra; Lassi Linnanen, Professor at the Lappeenranta University of Technology; the Lahti Symphony Orchestra; and ski jumpers Janne and Mico Ahonen.

The video was produced by Vallilan Vaara Oy, a Helsinki-based production company, and scripted by Taro Korhonen. The website and its contents were created in collaboration with the communications agency Kuudes.

Both the website and the video were created as part of marketing activities promoting Lahti as an environmental city while preparing for the European Green Capital 2020 final.  The video will be presented to the international jury at the final, held in June in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

With 'Lahti - Bold Green City' as the city's new vision, participation in the European Green Capital 2020 awards and environmental city marketing support the City of Lahti's recently approved strategy.