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9/10/2019 11:35 AM

Lahti Climate Partnerships network has a new member

City of Lahti has has agreed on climate actions with several companies - this work form is called Climate Partnerships with Companies. Latest Climate Partnership is agreed with Green Star Hotel Lahti.
Green star hotel

​City alone cannot lower emissions in its region, but all is needed and together we can do the climate work.

Green Star Hotel Lahti will during the next two years lower is't food waste and other waste by 20%, encourage personnel to use sustainable transport when going to work, lower hotel's water consumption by 20% and communicate carbon footprint with customers.

City of Lahti will lower green house gas emissions 80 % 1990-2025, make city-owned estates 7.5 % more energy efficient 2017-2025 and to act as circular economy pioneer.

More information

Sustainable development coordinator Eira Rosberg, eira.rosberg-airaksinen at

Entepreuner Kristian Ikonen, kristian.ikonen at