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5/26/2017 11:00 AM

Lahti is at the forefront of biofuel-based energy production

A new biofuel plant, Kymijärvi III, will be completed in Lahti in the autumn of 2019, enabling the city to fully abandon the use of coal as an energy source. The new power plant will use exclusively either PEFC- or FSC-certified, wood-based biofuel.
Kymijärvi power plant.

Lahti Energy, an energy company fully owned by the City of Lahti, has systematically developed its energy production. One of its key goals is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company also develops new energy solutions and services in areas such as decentralised renewable energy production and electric traffic.

Locally produced biogas for motor vehicles

Finland’s largest production and refining plant for biogas for use in motor vehicles, LABIO Ltd, is situated in Lahti. This plant refines biogas from locally collected biowaste material.

The amount of biogas produced by LABIO annually is enough to provide fuel for 4,500 cars or 140 city buses. The biogas is fed into Gasum’s gas network for distribution to customers.

Counselling and tools for citizens to save energy

The City of Lahti and its partners have developed an electronic tool enabling citizens to compare the applications and costs of renewable energy forms suitable for their property. The tool also provides the contact information of companies providing renewable energy solutions for properties.

The City of Lahti cooperates with its neighbouring municipalities and energy companies in order to provide low-threshold services in the field of energy counselling. An energy advisor provides guidance in reducing energy consumption at home. Citizens can meet the energy advisor in local public events or invite the advisor to, for example, a resident association's meeting to give energy counselling.

Further information:

Saara Vauramo, Environmental Director, tel. +358 44 716 1585,

Anne Tuovinen, Communications Manager, Lahti Energy Ltd, tel. +358 44 721 5846

Lahti Energy

The Energiavalinta (Energy selection) service:

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