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2/8/2018 2:10 PM

Lahti manages groundwater quality in the changing climate

The City of Lahti is involved in international climate project. The RAINMAN project will respond to surface and groundwater challenges arising from urban growth by providing solutions to practical planning issues in the St Petersburg area and in various urban regions in Finland.
Lake Vesijärvi

​Challenges in water management caused by climate change can be, for example, storm water floods caused by heavy rain or problems for buildings arising from an elevated groundwater level.

Lahti will focus on managing groundwater quality in the changing climate in the RAINMAN - Towards higher adaptive capacity in urban water management project. Lahti will update the existing groundwater model and integrate it with climate and weather data. 

The data will be supplemented by installing weather stations equipped with automatic measurement sensors. The impact of changing precipitation conditions on groundwater amount, flow direction and discharge areas will be modelled by means of a groundwater model as well as by weather and climate data collected.

With respect to groundwater quality, potential changes in the need for anti-skid treatment will be looked into and alternatives to salt as anti-skid methods considered. The results will be recorded in the groundwater protection plan and integrated into the operational programme.

St Petersburg and Helsinki will focus in particular on storm water-related challenges. In Mikkeli, research emphasis will be on the interaction between groundwater and surface water.

Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) main partner in project

In addition to the City of Lahti and GTK, other bodies from Finland involved in the project are Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) and the City of Mikkeli. Vodokanal (the body responsible for the domestic water supply in St Petersburg), Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory and the State Hydrological Institute are participants from Russia.

RAINMAN is part of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014–2020 cooperation programme. The project will run for three years and the total budget is 940,000 euros, of which Lahti's share is 100,000 euros. The project will start in spring/summer 2018.

Further information:

Water Protection Planner Riikka Mäyränpää, +358 50 3836 498
Environmental Director Saara Vauramo, +358 44 716 1585