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2/21/2018 12:00 AM

Lahti presents its environmental know-how in Brussels

Lahti, one of the European Green Capital 2020 candidates, will present its environmental solutions, examples of citizens' participation and the CitiCAP project at the Co-creating the Green City seminar, held in Brussels on 22 February.
Teacher learning about planning.

Organised by the City of Lahti, speakers at the event include Claudia Fusco, Head of Unit at DG Environment of the European Commission; Merja Haapakka, Policy Officer at DG Regio of the European Commission; and Timo Mäkelä, Senior Adviser from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Jyrki Myllyvirta, Mayor of the City of Lahti, Environmental Director, Saara Vauramo and Public Participation Planner, Henrik Saari will present Lahti's environmental know-how and examples of citizens' participation. Attendees of the event will include representatives of the European Commission and Parliament as well as various stakeholders and the political leadership of the City of Lahti.

Co-creating the green city

The citizens' perspectives and participation strongly feature in the City of Lahti's activities.  For example, citizens are involved in land use planning in various ways – online and in joint planning events. Information on the experiences of citizens and the view of young generations are collected for the ongoing development of a more comfortable urban environment. Such information is compiled into geographic information datasets that are as easily available and of equal value to planners as more traditional technical data.

In addition, the City of Lahti has developed an award-winning continuous master plan process that progresses in four-year cycles, i.e. the city's master plan is revised during each city council term.  The flexible master plan process serves as a discussion forum on the city's future.

The CitiCAP project is implemented jointly with citizens

Citizens will be involved in carrying out the project right from the start. One of the basic requirements of CitiCAP will be to collect comprehensive data on people's mobility choices. The project will plan and implement a personal carbon trade scheme to get the citizens involved in mitigating climate change. Carbon trading will be conducted using a mobile application, which at least 1,300 Lahti citizens will be recruited to test.

Lahti shares its environmental solutions for open use

Through active participation in international networks, Lahti shares its environmental solutions for all cities to make use of. In addition, other cities can take advantage of Lahti's best practices by having a look at Lahti's application for the European Green Capital 2020 competition, now available for everyone to read.

Alongside Lahti, the other candidates for the European Green Capital 2020 title are: Aberdeen (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Bursa (Turkey), Ghent (Belgium), Guimarães (Portugal), Lisbon (Portugal), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Prato (Italy), Reykjavik (Iceland), Seville (Spain), Tallinn (Estonia) and Wrocław (Poland). Cities shortlisted for the final round will be published in early April and the winner of the award will be announced in June.

Further information:

Environmental Director Saara Vauramo, +358 44 716 1585

Lahti's European Green Capital 2020 application