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9/22/2017 9:50 AM

Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s pro-environmental initiatives presented in New York

Lahti Symphony Orchestra and the City of Lahti’s environmental initiatives will be presented at the Zero Emissions Summit 2017 in New York on Zero Emissions Day, 21 September 2017.
Lahti Symphony at Sibelius Festival

​The Carbon-Neutral Lahti Symphony Orchestra project, launched in 2015, aims to contribute to the international efforts to reduce the pace of climate change by gradually making the orchestra's activities carbon-neutral. The project is a natural part of the City of Lahti's environmental strategy, according to which the city is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions considerably. The initiative is facilitated by Myrskyvaroitus - Storm Warning ry.

At the summit, the orchestra's general manager, Teemu Kirjonen, will introduce the Carbon-Neutral Lahti Symphony Orchestra project, Lahti as a pro-environmental city, and the city's participation in competing for the European Green Capital for 2020 award. The Green Button campaign, developed by Myrskyvaroitus - Storm Warning ry, will also be presented. Lahti Symphony Orchestra is the first orchestra in Finland to participate in the campaign. The event encourages participants to follow the example set by Lahti Symphony Orchestra by signing a Climate Pledge to reduce emissions.

The aim of the Zero Emissions Summit 2017 is to gather together internationally influential people who, through their own organisations, have the opportunity to promote more sustainable consumer choices for citizens. The summit forms part of the Climate Week NYC programme.

For additional information, please contact:

Teemu Kirjonen, General Manager, Lahti Symphony Orchestra, tel. +358 50 518 4597