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7/3/2017 10:10 AM

Lahti Symphony Orchestra launches the Green Button campaign to become climate neutral

The Carbon-free Lahti Symphony Orchestra initiative progresses as the orchestra is the first in Finland to join the Green Button campaign.
Lahti Symphony Orchestra

​To honour the Sibelius 150 jubilee year, Lahti Symphony Orchestra launched an initiative that aims to contribute to the slowing down of global climate change by gradually making the orchestra's operations carbon neutral. The initiative is facilitated by Myrskyvaroitus - Storm Warning ry. The orchestra's carbon footprint was calculated in cooperation with the Lahti-based Environmental Technology unit of the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The calculation is based on a life cycle evaluation which was conducted by Pilvi Virolainen, M.Sc. (Tech.), for her master's thesis.

As part of the thesis work, a survey was conducted among the Lahti Symphony Orchestra's audience at the Sibelius Festival. According to the results, more than half of the respondents were willing and the remainder were fairly or somewhat willing to pay more for concert tickets if the price was used to compensate for the event's greenhouse gas emissions. None of the respondents were opposed to the idea.

People attending Lahti Symphony Orchestra's events will be able to easily participate in the climate campaign through the Green Button campaign developed by Myrskyvaroitus - Storm Warning ry.  When purchasing tickets to Lahti Symphony Orchestra's events via the Lippupalvelu Oy/Ticketmaster Finland online store, customers can choose to compensate for the traffic emissions caused by the event by making a voluntary donation of the desired amount to the campaign. Myrskyvaroitus - Storm Warning ry is an official partner of the UN, and the collected funds will be directed to internationally certified UN Climate Neutral Now development cooperation projects that aim to combat climate change.

A donation of as little as 2 euros to a UN project can compensate for one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, which is roughly equivalent to:

  • 4,000 km of travel in a regular petrol-driven car 
  • 9,400 km of travel on local trains
  • 4,600 kWh of heating energy in Finland (corresponding to the consumption of a family of 3-4 members)           

"The internationally renowned Lahti Symphony Orchestra is now also acting as a global pioneer in climate responsibility. The Green Button makes it easy for concert-goers to participate in the global campaign to reduce emissions," rejoices Saara Vauramo, Environmental Director of the City of Lahti.

The campaign will be implemented in cooperation with the Lippupalvelu Oy/Ticketmaster Finland online store. The campaign will in future also be made available for other event producers.

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