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6/18/2018 3:10 PM

Lahti to remodel the culture of mobility by a smart cycling lane and personal carbon trade

Lahti will be the first city in the world where the CitiCAP project will put into practice the option for a personal carbon trade for citizens. Personal carbon is traded using a mobile application based on identification of the form of mobility. Testing of the app and the mobility data platform related to it will begin next year.
Bus and a cyclist in the city centre of Lahti.

Between the Lahti Travel Centre and Apilakatu in Laune, a smart cycling lane will be constructed as part of the CitiCAP project funded by the European Union. The smart features of the cycling lane may be related to a number of things, such as lighting or traffic monitoring. The smart cycling lane will be completed by the end of next year.

Cycling promoted in the entire city

The SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) program is currently considering measures on how to increase cycling and public transport and how to make driving more sustainable.

The main street of the city, Aleksanterinkatu, was renovated a few years ago as a street with a focus on walking and having a two-way cycling lane for cyclists.

The alteration of Aleksanterinkatu has even been characterised as a nationally important act of promoting mobility. Last year, almost 300 000 cycle trips and over four million walking trips were made on Aleksanterinkatu, says Transport Engineer Kristiina Kartimo.

- It is not for nothing to say that walking and cycling lanes are the most important local sports areas, that is, the most used ones and easiest available.

Aleksanterinkatu is the first corridor-type cycling lane in Lahti. The plan is to extend the cycling corridor of Aleksanterinkatu to the park road of Ranta-Kartano. 

The forthcoming smart cycling lane will on its part significantly improve the cycling conditions in eastern Lahti, because it will be a part of the main cycling route between the city centre and Renkomäki. A new cycling lane is already being constructed from Apilakatu to Renkomäki, to be completed at the end of the year as part of the Highway 12, southern beltway of Lahti project.

Further information:

Transport Engineer Kristiina Kartimo, p. 050 559 4100