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6/30/2017 2:15 PM

Lahti's Aleksanterinkatu street hits the threshold of 100,000 cyclists

Lahti’s citizens are actively using the bicycle lane on the renovated main street, Aleksanterinkatu. This is the first corridor-type cycling lane in Lahti.
winter cyclist

​"This cycling lane is absolutely wonderful! If it wasn't for it, I wouldn't cycle to the city centre. A great route indeed," said Anita Jääskeläinen, who was the 100,000th cyclist on the cycling lane this year.

A real-time cyclist display shows the number of cyclists per day and from the beginning of the year. The figure is updated every 10 minutes. You can follow the figure here.  The Aleksanterinkatu counter is also linked to a global counter network, where you can compare the number of cyclists in Lahti to that of other cities around the world.

Data from all of the six pedestrian and cyclist counting points in Lahti is available on the web service. According to counter data, the number of cyclists began to increase in April, the average number of cyclists being 1,000–1,500 per day. Market days cause peaks in the statistics; for example, on the market day of June, the number of cyclists exceeded 2,000.

People in Lahti make an average of 3.5 trips between home and work, hobbies, stores etc. per day and use an average of 70 minutes for moving around. 74% live within five kilometres from the city centre, which is not too long for cycling.

The City of Lahti's strategic goal is to considerably increase walking, cycling and the use of public transport. Cycling conditions will improve significantly in the next few years as the city centre will be developed on pedestrians', cyclists' and public transport's terms.

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