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12/20/2018 3:50 PM

Malski gets a new owner, and Lahti signs a rental agreement for LAD

The new owner of Malski is the real estate company Kielo, with whom the City of Lahti has signed a 20-year rental agreement. The change of ownership and signing of the rental agreement enable the implementation of Malski’s development plans.

The rental agreement signed on 17 December covers about 3,975 m2 reserved for Lahti Art, Poster, Design Museum (LAD). This means that nearly half of Malski's total useful floor area (8,482 m2) will be occupied by LAD. Lahti City Museum will also have the right to use the joint premises available to all the lessees.

According to the lessor's plans, the renovation of the old part of the building will be completed by the end of 2019 and the construction of the new part will be ready by the end of April 2020. The rental agreement will be valid for 20 years after the completion of the construction project.
'After technical specifications and control measurement of the area during the project planning phase, the total rental price for LAD's premises was set at EUR 58,940 per month based on April 2017 prices when the original offer was made,' says Mauri Koistinen, head of real estate at Lahti City Facilities.

LAD's concept planning kicks off early next year

Lahti Art Museum and Lahti Poster Museum, which have never before had a permanent exhibition space, will move to Malski.
'We will create a concept for Lahti Art, Poster and Design Museum, or LAD, based on Malski's new concept, which is expected to attract international interest. The exhibitions at LAD will focus on fine art, design, lifestyle and digital technology,' explains Museum Director Timo Simanainen.

According to Tiia Tiainen, Chief of Exhibitions at Lahti City Museum,LAD will showcase highlights from the collections of Lahti Art Museum and Lahti Poster Museum, including works of art from the Vyborg Foundation's collection.
Both Finnish and international exhibitions will enhance the experience offered to visitors via the latest audio-visual techniques, and there will also be an increasing number of events in the future, promises Tiainen.

Made in Malski

The real estate company Kielo´s Fund Manager Hanna Rauhala is intrigued by the challenge of building a new kind of feature for Lahti.
'Malski fits our investment strategy, which focuses on attractive sites in growth centres.
The real estate company Kielo´s local partner, Kinos Property Investment's CEO Arto Korhonen, sees Malski as a hybrid complex, where encounters between businesses, cultural actors and Lahti citizens generate new things and ideas.

'Operating in the historic premises of a former brewery, Malski is characterised by a unique culture of doing things together, which creates visible results in the form of topical events, new business activities and memorable encounters.

Along with LAD, companies creating innovative things, the Sammio event space, students and freelancers working in the premises, and the restaurant and brewery pub will be the driving forces behind Malski. The restaurant operator is not yet known. According to Hannu Kilkki, one of the owners of Tirra-Torvi Ravintolat Ltd, the Sammio Hall, which is to be built in Malski, will seat 1,000 people and it will offer an excellent venue for various events such as fairs, concerts and even yoga lessons.

The advertising agency Ilme Ltd is one of the companies moving into Malski. For Ilme, Malski primarily means a creative community, and is so much more than just new office space, says CEO Joona Kallinen.

'Our mission is to create better value for our customers together with creative experts from different industries. All we are expecting is the community,' says Kallinen.

From plans to implementation

After signing the rental agreement for Malski, the parties will proceed with more detailed plans. The concept and brand design initiative for Malski was led by Kuudes design agency, with participation from the major lessees.

'Malski will have a community manager in charge of planning the marketing for the centre, events, lessee well-being and cooperation, marketing the facilities, as well as renting the event, co-working and meeting facilities at Malski,' says Arto Korhonen.

The responsible contractor for the Malski project will be Superion Ltd.
'Within a short period of time, this is already our second major construction project in Lahti. Kujala Logistics Centre was an important start, and the Malski project combines new construction and the renovation of the historic brewery building in an interesting way. We are proud to be involved in a project that is so important for Lahti,' comments Juha Keiski from Superion Ltd.

With a population of 120,000, Lahti is one of Finland's biggest cities. A distinguished sports city, Lahti is also known internationally for its environmental and design expertise, alongside high-quality cultural services.

Additional information
Kinos Property Investment Ltd
Arto Korhonen, CEO, tel. +358 40 574 3314
City of Lahti
Mauri Koistinen, Head of Real Estate, City of Lahti Facility Centre, tel. +358 50 658 62
Timo Simanainen, Director, Lahti Museums, tel. +358 44 7161 301
Superion Ltd, Project Director Juha Keiski, tel. +358 40 519 0183

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