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2/2/2018 10:30 AM

Microplastics and other harmful substances removed from city stormwater

Lahti involved in developing new, internationally significant, natural solutions to collect heavy metal particles, nutrients, microplastics and other harmful substances from stormwater.
Stormwater in cities

Work is being carried out in Lahti and the Helsinki region in several locations under actual operational conditions. The co-operation is possible because of the Smart & Clean Urban Stormwater Quality Management project run by the City of Lahti.

- This is a significant project for us in Lahti and is strongly related to the university expertise in the City. With the solutions being developed we will be able to improve the state of our most significant lake, Vesijärvi. While doing this, we can create new business opportunities. When we develop and test these solutions in Lahti and Helsinki region, we create solutions that will solve stormwater challenges in cities around the world, City of Lahti's Mayor Jyrki Myllyvirta notes.

Seven different natural stormwater quality improving solutions will be built and tested in the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Lahti and Vantaa. The benefits of the solutions will be scientifically proven and the recovered data will be open to everyone. Solutions include an underground wetland in Helsinki Airport, bio filter solutions in Espoo and Lahti and an underground filter chest in Helsinki as well as multi use stormwater areas in the Vantaa Aviapolis district.

A unified reference area for smart stormwater solutions will be built to Lahti and the Helsinki region. This kind of cross-border cooperation and a reference area spanning several cities is unique in the world. Solutions developed and tested on the testbed will serve as international references for Finnish stormwater know-how worldwide.

We improve the condition of Lake Vesijärvi and create new business opportunities

Universities and research organizations will verify the results of the tested solutions. The data has an important role in developing, marketing and commercializing the solutions. This is a vital part of the project, as businesses and cities rarely have resources to monitor and analyze built stormwater solutions themselves.

The main executor of the project is the City of Lahti, with the cities of Lahti, Espoo, Helsinki ja Vantaa and Finavia Oyj as partner executors. Project partners are Aalto University, Helsinki University, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Natural Resources Institute, Sensmet Ltd and Optoseven Ltd; planning experts MASU Planning Oy, WSP Finland Ltd and Sitowise Ltd; solutions providers Ruskon Betoni Ltd, Rudus Ltd, ja LECA Finland Ltd and Bluet Ltd.

The Smart & Clean Urban Stormwater Quality Management project is a Smart & Clean initiative. It has been funded by the Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Council AIKO-funding for regional innovation and testing.

For more information, please contact:

Project Manager Juhani Järveläinen, tel. +358 (0)50 559 4083, juhani.jarvelainen(at)