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11/10/2016 7:45 AM

New journey planner applications for public transport services in Lahti

In September, Lahti Region Transport (LSL) made its service data publicly available, allowing the information to be utilised free of charge. Therefore, LSL routes and timetables have already become available in at least three public-transport journey planner applications.
Buses on the street.

The Moovit, HERE WeGo, and Nysse applications, all available at no charge to users, now include the full LSL transport details. These applications can be used also to plan journeys by public transport in other cities both in Finland and abroad.

One way to check the applications' availability for your mobile device is to visit the relevant app store or similar. The Moovit application is available for use on non-mobile devices also.

In addition, a nationwide journey planner was created in the Digitransit project. This too encompasses the routes and timetables for the Lahti region. A beta version is available at

Validation of data for Google's Transit Trip Planner application is near completion, so these routes will soon be integrated into that service as well.

The City of Lahti is looking for further possibilities for sharing of the data, to support new business initiatives.