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6/8/2018 9:12 AM

New step for environmental research in Lahti - opening of International Joint Laboratory

The Korean Institute of Science & Technology (Kist Europe), together with the University of Helsinki, will open a joint laboratory on the Niemi campus.

KIST Europe is a Korean state-owned institution which is responsible for promoting research and development activities in the field of technology on a global scale.  In collaboration with its partners, KIST Europe develops technologies that can be exploited in both Asia and Europe.

A couple of years ago, KIST Europe set up a Joint Laboratory of Applied Ecotoxicology at the Technical University of Berlin. Professor Stephan Pflugmacher Lima, who has settled in Lahti, previously worked in Berlin as the director of KIST Europe's Joint Laboratory of Applied Ecotoxicology. Now, thanks to Professor Pflugmacher Lima's move, this laboratory will begin operations in Lahti on the Niemi campus.

For many years, University of Helsinki's environmental research in Lahti has focussed mainly on ecosystem services in urban green areas, stormwater solutions, green roofs and the impacts of environmental toxins and transport emissions. Professor Pflugmacher Lima's input will further strengthen the expertise related to water ecosystems and the collaboration with the KIST Laboratory will also enhance the international aspect.

The Joint Laboratory of KIST Europe and the University of Helsinki will apply the results of basic research topics into practice to protect aquatic ecosystems and water quality. One of the aims of the new joint laboratory is to develop a new bio-based set of methods for the aquatic environment.  In the long term, this will enable the replacement of organisms as test material.

The festive opening ceremony of the Laboratory will be held on Friday, 8 June 2018 from 10.00 in the Aalto Auditorium at Niemenkatu 73, Lahti.

Further information:

Senja Jouttimäki, Secretary General, The Lahti University Campus
tel. +358 50 5958 953

Stephan Pflugmacher Lima, Professor, Head of the Joint Laboratory