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3/27/2019 10:00 AM

School tour brings urban planning to classes

The themes of urban planning and sustainable mobility will be discussed at the “Lahti liikkeessä” (Lahti in motion) school tour together with urban planners, the CitiCAP project and environmental development.
Ahtiala school

​The City of Lahti offers pupils concrete ways to participate in urban planning. For one day, lessons on traffic education, sustainable mobility and urban planning will be organised at the schools. All pupils will be able to participate in the theme day at various activity points. Teachers are provided with ready-made lesson plans and assignment packages for independently discussing the topic with pupils. “Bringing a team of ten experts to schools for three days is a significant investment in the participation of children and youth by the city.  In addition to the personnel of the City of Lahti, the tour will also include representatives from the Lappeenranta University of Technology”, says Environmental Educator Emma Marjamäki.

During the school tour day, the school will have a bus from Lahden Seudun Liikenne where the children will be taught how to use a local bus and how to behave on a bus by methods of drama education. The aim is to increase the pupils’ ability to use public transport independently.

Personal mobility carbon trading and the results of the school commute survey will be presented to teachers and pupils. With a map survey, pupils will have the opportunity to comment on nice and unsafe places along their school commute route. The information collected through the survey will be compiled in the  Webmap service used by urban planners and combined with the results of the school commute survey. Pupils will also be able to design a pleasant city centre from the perspective of a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist.

At present, the school commute accounts for a significant portion of children’s mobility on weekdays. The attitudes, knowledge and skills of children and youth with regard to mobility can be guided through the school’s operating culture. The educational culture of the school often also has a positive impact on what is done at home. In particular, increasing the sense of security in the use of sustainable forms of mobility encourages families to guide children’s forms of mobility from motoring to cycling, public transport and walking. Lahti has the potential to increase the share of walking, cycling and especially public transport in travel. Schools play a key role in the change to sustainable mobility.

The school tour is in line with the “Luonnollisesti liikkeessä” (Naturally in motion) objective of the multidisciplinary learning entity of Lahti’s basic education to provide comprehensive school pupils with more opportunities to participate in land-use planning.
Further information:
Environmental Educator Emma Marjamäki, tel.  +358 44 416 4951
Environmental Guidance Manager Päivi Sieppi, tel. +358 50 559 4090