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6/20/2018 3:50 PM

The joint learning themes in the schools of the city of Lahti are exercising, the near-by environment and inclusion

The themes of the phenomenon-based learning in Lahti’s basic education for the coming school year are exercising, the near-by environment and inclusion.

​The entity is about curriculum-based multidisciplinary learning with a holistic approach, where phenomena are examined as broad entities, and the skills and competences related to the phenomena are studied across subject area limits.

The goal is to create a permanent programme for sustainable exercising which would cover a learning path from early childhood education to upper secondary school. “In practice, this means, for example, teaching which includes bicycling to school or designing a pleasant school yard and safe school surroundings,” says Johanna Saastamoinen, Service Manager for basic education services.

“For example, when the city is making street plans near a school, it is important that the views of the children and the youth are taken into consideration at a phase when they can still have an impact on the plans,” says Päivi Sieppi, Environmental Guidance Manager.

“The skills of participation and influence and a responsible outlook on the future can only be learned by practising. The diverse natural environment in and around Lahti offers limitless possibilities for experience-based learning and for creating an individual in-depth relationship with nature.”

Actions are planned and implemented in co-operation with the city’s departments for basic education, landscaping, environmental counselling, land use planning, traffic planning and sports services. With the help of the co-operation network, children and the youth are offered genuine possibilities for participation and influence in city planning.

The themes for the multidisciplinary learning entities of the two previous school years have been the 2017 Lahti Nordic World Ski Championship games and the Finland 100 centenary celebration. The learning entities are implemented in accordance with the new curriculum adopted in August 2016.

Further information

City of Lahti, Basic Education Services
Johanna Saastamoinen, Service Manager, Education
johanna.saastamoinen(at), tel. +358 44 416 3159

City of Lahti, Environmental Development
Päivi Sieppi, Environmental Guidance Manager
paivi.sieppi(at), tel. +358 50 559 4090