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When school starts

Starting school is an exciting time for the child, the parents and the teacher. In May, the schools of Lahti will organise a familiarisation day for new students and their carers.ä-ja-miten-koulussa-opiskellaan_lattialla_Jalo_2015.jpg

Before starting school, children should practice a few basic skills at home:
• looking after one's belongings,
• waiting for one's turn,
• getting dressed, e.g. tying one's shoe laces,
• taking the right amount of food on the plate,
• travelling to school safely.

When small schoolchildren begin their education, it is important that the collaboration between the carers and the school begins smoothly. The carers have the primary responsibility for raising the child, and the schools aim to support this in every available manner. Do not hesitate to contact the school and the teacher. We always handle the students' matters confidentially.

What does the school teach and how?

First-graders are eager to learn new things. In school, they learn to look after
their own supplies, books and homework and work in groups as well as independently.

The learning is affected by the students' skills, emotions and good interaction
with the teacher and the entire group.

A safe and friendly learning environment will foster good learning, participation and
well-being. Different learning environments mean that students learn different things in different situations and places.

New teaching tools are utilised and the teaching is versatile. Basic education is provided free of charge. The school will provide students with free school meals, textbooks and other education materials. Textbooks are often recycled. Sporting clothes and equipment are to be acquired by the carers.