Health services

At the Terveysneuvo call centre, a health care professional will instruct and guide you regarding matters related to health and illnesses.

Based on an assessment, you will either receive instructions for self-treatment or be directed to a nurse’s or doctor’s office. The central hospital of Lahti treats minor injuries, such as suspected bone fractures, sprains, cuts and bruises, without an appointment.

If a life-threatening situation is involved, call the emergency number 112. During evenings, nights and weekends, emergency duty is carried out at the Akuutti24 unit at the Lahti Central Hospital (PHKS).

In the area of the former municipality of Nastola, health services are provided by the basic service centre Aava until the end of 2016.

In oral health care matters you are served by dental clinics.

You can monitor your own health and receive your laboratory results electronically.

Many of our call services operate with a callback principle: you do not have to queue over the phone, as you can leave a call request in the machine.