Service quality and patient rights

In accordance with the legislation regarding a patient’s status and rights, health care customers have a right to good and appropriate care within the limits of available resources.

The customer has a right to:

  • Good care. The care must not offend human dignity, conviction or privacy.
  • Appropriate examination and the right care facility.
  • Good treatment. The patient's native language, personal needs and culture must be taken into account where possible.
  • Sufficient information in an understandable form throughout the care. If necessary, interpreting must be arranged.
  • Know the reason for and duration of a queue.
  • Look into the patient records and correct any false information.
  • Agree on the method of care when possible.
  • Be heard even when under 18 years of age.

An ombudsman will assist the health care customer if necessary.

Processing of patient records at the Lahti health centre

The local health clinics, central hospital and other health care facilities of Lahti collect patients' personal information for the patient registry. The patient registry contains information necessary for patient examinations as well as arranging and carrying out treatments. 

The patient registry consists of patients' medical records on paper, electronic patient record systems and X-rays. You can receive more detailed information about the registry and the personal information entered into it by asking for the privacy policy.

The patient records are confidential and may not be given to outside parties without the patient's consent. In certain situations prescribed by law, the information may be released without the patient's consent. You have the right to check your records and the right to have any information you consider false or unnecessary be removed or corrected. You can make your request to an attending physician or other health care professional.

The privacy policy as well as the forms for checking requests are available at health clinic reception desks, other health care, medical rehabilitation and home care facilities and the central hospital (Section 24 of the Personal Data Act).

Customer fees

Customer fees for social and health services are collected for health care, medical treatment, institutional care, residential care, home care, oral health care, daytime activities etc.

The customer fees are based on the legislation (734/1992) and regulation (912/1992) regarding social and health care customer payments. For legal information, please visit