Securing treatment

Treatment guarantee

Treatment guarantee refers to the period of time defined in Section 51 of the Health Care Act during which the patient must have access to non-urgent treatment or examination. Urgent patient examinations and treatments are carried out as required by the illness.

Contact to health care services on weekdays immediately during office hours

Health care services must be available immediately on weekdays during office hours. The services can be contacted via the Terveysneuvo call centre, which has a callback service, or by visiting a health clinic in person.

Treatment need assessment by a health care professional by the third weekday at the latest 

If the treatment need assessment requires a visit to a health clinic, an appointment must be available within three days of the contact, unless the assessment could be carried out during the first contact by phone, for example.

Non-urgent treatment within three months

Treatment at a health clinic must be available within three months. In oral health care and specialised care, this period can be exceeded by three months if the patient's health is not in danger.

  • In specialised care, the treatment need assessment must be carried out within three weeks after the referral is received.
  • A decision will be made on the need for 24-hour care, which will be carried out without delay within three months.
  • Emergency and urgent treatment must be available immediately.
  • Regional state administrative agencies and Valvira monitor that treatment is made available.