Social and health care e-services

E-services enable you to make your interactions and contacts with social and health care professionals faster. You can take care of matters flexibly and at your convenience.

Using the e- services requires authentication with your online bank user ID or a mobile certificate.

Making appointments is available for certain services at maternity and children's clinics, laboratories and oral health care clinics.

Through the eTerveyspalvelut online service you can

  • make a nurse's appointment at a birth control clinic
  • make an appointment for health examinations at a children's clinic (requires a permission to act on behalf)
  • update your personal information
  • in order to use the eTerveyspalvelut services you need an electronic service agreement, which you can make at any health care facility
  • customers can use the eTerveyspalvelut services free of charge
  • the services are not designed for urgent matters
  • you can log in to the eTerveyspalvelut service portal (in finnish) with your online bank ID or a mobile certificate.

Through the online services you can

  • make a laboratory appointment
  • contact the customer guidance unit Siiri for yourself or an elderly family member to receive guidance regarding services for seniors
  • contact the reception for infectious diseases if you are worried about having an STD
  • assess your health risks and, if necessary, contact a health care professional
  • fill in forms related to your treatment.
  • You can make an electronic service agreement online for using the services.


  • Through the Omakanta service, you can make an electronic prescription (eResepti) renewal request
  • You can also use the Omakanta service to review your health information, Mental Hub mental health services.