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Library and culture

Lahti is a city of culture. The Lahti Symphony Orchestra provides world-class music experiences, and the musicals performed at the Lahti City Theatre attract visitors from all over Finland.
Lasten itsenäisyyspäiväjuhla Lahden kaupungintalossa.

Lahti is a fascinating city of culture: Lahti City Museum, Lahti Symphony Orchestra - Sinfonia LahtiLahti City Theatre, the Cultural Services and Libraries.

All of these cultural institutions also support the schools’ culture programmes, and approximately 10,000 pupils from local schools visit the cultural attractions in Lahti each year. There are also cultural services and attractions tailored for seniors. 

The Cultural Services promotes the self-motivated pursuit of art and
cultural activities. It cooperates with regional arts centres, municipalities,
art institutes, schools and art-related basic education providers. It also manages regional children’s cultural centre operations. It promotes cultural activities amongst all age groups in cooperation with voluntary operators.

Libraries: Lahti has a main library, eight local libraries and two mobile libraries. There are two self-service libraries that you can use at your convenience.  

Theatre is enjoyed by people of all ages, as the City Theatre provides open-minded and up-to-date entertainment for all visitors. The new communal open stage "Avoin näyttämö" offers various approachable ways to get acquainted with theatre.  

The museums in Lahti include the Art Museum, the Poster Museum, the Historical Museum, the Ski Museum and the Mastola Radio and TV Museum. The Art Museum displays contemporary art and its own collections in changing exhibitions. The Historical Museum offers a wide variety of history in the Lahti manor house. The Poster Museum is known best for the international Poster Triennial, which is organised once every three years, next in the summer of 2017. The Mastola Radio and TV Museum will reopen 27 February 2017, and the Ski Museum will reopen 6 January 2017.

Sinfonia Lahti ‒ the Lahti Symphony Orchestra improves people's quality of life and provides unforgettable experiences with its classical and light music concerts. The Orchestra continues its internationally famous work.  

Sibelius Hall is ranked among the best in the world

Lahti’s Sibelius Hall, on the waterfront of the lake Vesijärvi, is the flagship of Finland’s wooden building tradition and the home of the Lahti Symphony Orchestra. Visitors are charmed by Sibelius Hall’s architectural beauty, perfectly balanced with the scenic views of the lake. The facility’s Main Hall, seating 1,250, is the heart of the house and one of the best concert halls in Europe. The excellent acoustics, harmonious colour scheme, and intimate atmosphere make a concert here a memorable experience. 

Children's culture for all children. Through the children's culture centre Efekti, day care centres and schools can book cultural visits free of charge. The Youth Theatre and the annual Children's Winter Carnival are well-known.

 In 2015

  • the Lahti City Theatre had 68,812 visitors,
  • the museum exhibitions had 24,000 visitors,
  • the Lahti Symphony Orchestra had 87,902 listeners during the Sibelius 150 celebration year,
  • the City Library had 1,165,000 visits, 747,400 online visits and 2,136,500 works borrowed,
  • Efekti, the joint children's culture centre of ten Päijät-Häme municipalities, reached 30,000 children.