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Rental apartments

There is a wide variety of rental apartments available in Lahti, and the rent level is relatively affordable. About 40%, i.e. more than 24,000, of the city’s apartments are rental apartments.ännistönrinteenkatu%2016.jpg

​You can easily find information about vacant rental apartments online by using the search words "rental apartments Lahti."

Average rent €12 per square metre

Almost half of the apartments are in state-loaned ARAVA and interest-subsidy loan rental buildings, while the rest are so-called free market rental apartments. The average rent for rental apartments in Lahti is about €12.00 per square metre.

New rental apartments are currently being built at a rapid pace. The majority of the new apartments are small, 30–40 square metre apartments, which are in demand.

The average rent for apartments owned by Lahden Talot Oy is €11.38 per square metre for freely financed rental apartments and €10.73 for ARAVA-financed rental apartments.

Right-of-occupancy apartments

Right-of-occupancy apartments provide an alternative to rental or owned housing. A right-of-occupancy apartment grants a permanent right to occupy the apartment, but the apartment cannot be owned. You can acquire a right-of-occupancy apartment by signing a right-of-occupancy agreement and paying 15% of the apartment's purchase price as a right-of-occupancy payment.