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Carbon Neutral Municipalities project

Lahti is part of large EU project Life17 IPC/FI/000002 CANEMURE. Lahti Canemure project focuses on low carbon solutions for renovation construction of rental and private houses.

The aim of Lahti project is to promote the uptake of efficient, low-carbon solutions in the context of renovations of apartment buildings and private houses.

The action will focus on implementing simple and cost-effective energy-efficiency solutions, such as smart thermostats and other smart appliances as well as energy storages and other innovative solutions identified during the project. Energy advising is included. Information of these energy retrofits will be collected at actual renovation sites. The results will be leveraged to catalyze new energy retrofit projects. The purpose of this action is to show-case the most effective and  scalable measures to decrease the energy consumption and CO2 of residential buildings and provide a test-bed for smart energy services, for the residents. The case study houses belong to Lahden Talot Ltd, a municipal housing company.

In addition to the energy renovations and retrofits, assessment of cost-efficiency and emission reduction will be conducted by an experts. Results will be disseminated locally, in Finland and internationally.

Lahti Canemure project execution will happen during the 1st phase of Life–IP (1st Nov 2018 – 30th Oct 2021) , but follow-up of the energy used in the case buildings will continue further.


Further information

Project Manager Pauli Piekkari pauli.piekkari (at)

Sustainable Development Coordinator Eira Rosberg eira.rosberg-airaksinen (at)

Real Estate Inspector Elina Rantanen (at)