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Environmental Counselling

Turn to Environmental Counselling for environment-related questions

Are you thinking about recycling your waste or household energy-saving possibilities, the condition of the waters or perhaps about the locations of enjoyable nature sites in Lahti? Ask an environmental counsellor.

You can book an environmental counsellor for an association, housing company or club event, for example, to provide waste and environmental counselling free of charge. The environmental counsellor can also lend you some equipment and materials for energy-saving purposes, voluntary environmental work or environmental education.

Environmental counselling is located in the head library, Kirkkokatu 31. The counselling point will provide you with free brochures (mainly in Finnish) about matters such as:

  • energy-saving
  • sorting waste and recoverable waste collection points
  • nature sites and trails
  • bicycle routes
  • water and climate protection

The Ekopaku eco-van is a mobile environment school

The environmental counselling van Kaisla is also the eco-van Ekopaku. The van has all the research equipment, digital technology and teaching settings needed for an operational school day, as well as ready-made education programmes. The Ekopaku van can be borrowed by schools and day care centres in Lahti.

More information

ymparisto at and tel. 044 416 2762 (weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)