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Participation and plan process flow

Planning coordinates various goals, and a plan project contains several phases. You can participate in the planning during different phases and voice your opinion.

​Plans are prepared in interaction with the participating parties, i.e. those whose conditions may be significantly affected by the plan. You can participate in resident evenings and workshops, contact the people in charge of the plan projects and voice your opinion regarding the plans. Below is a description of the different phases of the plan process.

1 Starting phase

  • A plan is instituted by the City or a private party.
  • The pending plan is reported in the annual planning review or with a separate announcement.
  • Local residents, landowners and other parties are notified of the plan project by mail.
  • The starting phase involves drawing up a participation and evaluation plan, regarding which you can give feedback to the creator of the plan.
  • The starting phase may also involve a resident evening or a walking tour on which the plan or a workshop for joint brainstorming is presented.

2 Draft phase

  • The draft phase involves drafting ideas and clarifications and assessing the effects of the draft.
  • Parties are negotiated with.
  • You can voice your opinion regarding the plan draft or drafts orally or in writing during the hearing period of the draft phase, which is at least 14 days.
  • You can submit your opinion directly to the registry by e-mail ( or to the creator of the plan ( The opinions are published with names on the City's website.
  • In the draft phase, plans can be presented during a resident evening or other event. During the draft phase, the plan is developed through brainstorming with the parties.

3 Proposal phase

  • In the proposal phase, a plan proposal is drawn up based on the chosen plan draft. Opinions of the draft and authoritative statements are taken into account when drawing up a plan proposal.
  • The plan proposal is presented to the board of technical and environmental affairs, with whose decision the plan proposal is made public for 30 days.
  • During this time, a written reminder about the plan can be submitted.
  • The reminder is given to the board of technical and environmental affairs, and it can be submitted by e-mail while the proposal is public ( The reminder can also be submitted at the Lahti-Piste service point or the joint service point in Nastola.
  • Those who submit a reminder are replied to with an explanatory statement sent by mail if an address is given. The reminders are published with names on the City's website.
  • Note! Opinions submitted in the draft phase are no longer taken officially into account in the proposal phase. If there are issues with the contents of the plan in the proposal phase, a new reminder must be submitted.

4 Approval phase

  • The City Board will process the plan proposal, reminders and replies.
  • The plan proposal is approved by the City Council. A plan proposal with only minor effects is approved by the board of technical affairs and the board of environment.
  • Participating parties and members of the municipality can file a complaint about the City Council's or the board's decision to the Hämeenlinna Administrative Court during the complaint period, which is 30 days after the decision.
  • A further complaint can be filed about the Hämeenlinna Administrative Court's decision to the Supreme Administrative Court.

5 Entry into force

  • The plan will be legally valid about 1.5 to 2 months after the City Council's decision if no complaints are filed. The plan is announced as legally valid.