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Permits for using public areas

Using any public areas of the city requires a permit from the City. These areas include streets, market squares, town squares, parks etc.

Temporary use of public areas

Public areas can be temporarily leased for activities such as different events, sales activities, summer patio placements, banner advertising, corporate advertising, as work sites or for work site needs, storage, stacking etc. A rent is collected from using the public areas. Temporary traffic arrangements are to be planned beforehand, and the plan must be approved by the City.

Placement permit for permanent structures and devices

Placing structures, devices, cables and pipes permanently in a street or park area requires a permit. You must apply for a permit for such activities.

Excavation permit

There are specific instructions for excavation, and an excavation permit is required. First, you must apply for a placement permit.

Dropping snow on the street

No permit is required for dropping snow on the street or other public areas, but the City must be notified of it. Special attention must be paid to safety. The notification is submitted to maintenance supervisor Pasi Leppäaho or Markku Siirilä.


Contact information

Maintenance Supervisor Heikki Nelimarkka
Maintenance Supervisor Pasi Leppäaho
Maintenance Supervisor Markku Siirilä